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21 Questions to Ask Your HVAC Tech When Scheduling an Appointment

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drain clogs, 21 Questions to Ask Your HVAC Tech When Scheduling an Appointment

Scheduling repairs and maintenance for your HVAC unit is a matter of safety, health, and monetary wisdom here in Texas. Some homeowners are uncomfortable with the thought of having strangers in their home, so it’s important that you choose a reputable and trusted HVAC team for any of your HVAC needs. Maybe you are already a person who asks thorough questions when making service appointments. But even if that is the case, our list covers a variety of scenarios that you may not have considered so that when you make your HVAC appointment you can do so with ease and confidence. 

Things You Should Know Beforehand 

  1. Before you decide on an HVAC repair company, check Better Business Bureau and State registered organizations to make sure your company is trusted and reputable. Or simply ask the company what their certifications and registrations are.  
  1. Does the company supply testimonies from former customers and is there somewhere you can view their reviews? 
  1. Would you be able to speak with your assigned technician and are there any contracts you need to sign? 
  1. Are there warranties you should know about regarding their equipment and labor? 
  1. What maintenance plan benefits does the company provide? 
  1. What work do you need to have done before the technician arrives? This could include tasks such as changing the filter or making sure there is clear access to all the equipment. 
  1. Does the company offer equipment for sale, rental, or lease? What products are offered and what sizes are provided? 
  1. Make a list of issues you’ve noticed such as  
  1. Weird noises 
  1. Different smells 
  1. Humidity 
  1. Liquid pooling 
  1. Leaks 

Then, make sure to ask if these concerns are signs that you need an HVAC repair. 

What You Should Get in Writing 

  1. Evidence of their licenses (state and local), bonding, and insurance coverage (if it is an insurance issue). 
  1. The proposal of their services. 
  1. All information about the services they provide you with and the upkeep they recommend you perform 
  1. Their prices, including estimations and time frames to have their services completed to save you time and travel costs for multiple estimates. 
  1. Will they finish and send in the paperwork for rebates and warranties for you? 
  1. Ask about their cancellation policy and if they are willing to provide a written copy of it, along with copies of how their warranties and guarantees work. 
  1. Follow up by asking: What happens if one of your technicians has an emergency or runs over at their earlier repair and can’t come at the arranged time? 
  1. Will they plan to come to your house if you have an emergency? 

Things to Ask at the Appointment or Ask Your Technician 

  1. Do they have recommendations for improving your air quality? 
  1. Do your air ducts need cleaning or repairs? 
  1. When should you schedule your next appointment? 
  1. What is the SEER rating for your HVAC unit? 
  1. What are some ways they recommend for you to lower your energy bill? 
  1. Are there any upgrades that they recommend? 
  1. Do they recommend you replace your unit with a more energy-efficient one? 
  1. Ask what maintenance they expect you to complete between appointments and if they can show you how to complete it before they leave.  

When your home is in need of HVAC assistance, it’s important you choose an HVAC company you can trust. Lowery’s technicians have over 20 years of experience delivering trusted and quality results. Contact us now for all of your HVAC needs!

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