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5 Bathroom Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

By August 18, 2017No Comments

5 Bathroom Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

When it comes to space and organization in your bathroom, things can get a little chaotic at times. No matter if you have a huge bathroom with separate shower and jacuzzi tub or fighting to share a sink with your partner, everyone would opt for more space if they could have it. With remodeling being quite expensive, here are a few hacks to make your life a little easier and a lot more spacious.

Hang Baskets on the Wall

With a couple of washers, anchors, and screws, wire baskets are perfect for mounting on the wall. Whether you use them to store folded towels or decor, these make for inexpensive yet very stylish wall fixtures. Not your favorite color? Wire baskets can be spray painted to fit your personalized bathroom color scheme.

Store your lotions, sprays, and makeup in a shoe organizer.

Only a couple dollars at your local superstore, shoe organizers can do wonders for the organization of your bathroom. Hang on the inside of your bathroom door, and you’ll have more space for your items than ever before.

Store Plastic Bags in an Old Tissue Box

If you love to save your plastic grocery bags and use them for your bathroom trash can, this is a perfect organizer for you. Organizing plastic bags can get a little chaotic, especially in the bathroom where they end up scattered about the floor. Instead, use an old tissue box and store under the sink

Organize Magazines on a Hanger

Ordinary magazine and newspaper holders can take up space on your bathroom floor. Instead, open the magazine roughly in the middle and lay over the rod of a hanger. Then hang the hanger on a cabinet nod and voila.

Wine Racks for Towels

Folded towels can take up a lot of potentially useful space in your bathroom cabinets. For a quick fix, you can roll towels up and place them on a wine rack to store in your bathroom. Not only does this free up more space for you, but works as another decorative touch to your bathroom.

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