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5 Ways to Keep Drains Clog Free

By July 27, 2018April 1st, 2023No Comments

Cleaning your home is a daily and weekly task in many households. The counters get a good cleaning, the floors get vacuumed, and the beds get made. What about your drains? Drains often get overlooked in the cleaning process. By the time we get around to cleaning them it’s because we have already noticed a clog. Clogged drains can be smelly, time-consuming, and costly if you have to call a plumber.

Here are 5 ways to keep those drains clean and clog free.

  • Use a screen or drain-gate: Screens and drain gates go over the drains opening to diminish problems with hair, soap scums, and other objects going down the drain. Stop by your local plumbing store to find out which one fits your drain.
  • Brush your hair before showing: Losing hair in the shower is a normal everyday occurrence. Most shower clogs are due to hair build up. Brushing your hair right before you shower will get rid of most loose hair that could end up in the drain.
  • No more grease: Instead of ditching grease down the sink, pour it in an old can and throw it away.
  • Run hot water: Running hot water down your drain weekly can make a big difference in keeping your drains cleaner. The hot water will flush out oils and foods that have built up on the pipes.
  • Vinegar ice cubes: Fill an ice cube tray half full of vinegar and top it with water. Vinegar alone will not freeze well. Turn on your garbage disposal and toss the vinegar ice cubes in. The vinegar is a mild acid that will clean the drain while the ice scrapes grease off the walls. You can toss in half of a sliced lemon if you don’t like the vinegar smell and it will leave your sink smelling great!

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