Air Conditioner Repair, AC Repair

Air Conditioning Repair

Does Your Lubbock Air Conditioning Unit Need A Repair?

Is your air conditioner in need of repair? We repair both residential and commercial air conditioners. With a repaired air conditioner, you can stay cool during summertime in Lubbock. We can service any size air conditioner.
There is nothing worse than your air conditioning unit breaking down in the dog days of the West Texas summer. Luckily at Lowery, we have a team of skilled technicians ready at a moment’s notice to diagnose and repair your A/C unit. We will always make sure you stay cool when it counts.
Air Conditioner Repair, AC Repair


Our team of professionals has over 100 years of combined experience diagnosing, repairing, and, servicing air conditioning units. Many things can go wrong with your home’s air conditioning. Here are some of the common problems we encounter.


An air conditioner blowing hot air is one of the most common issues with residential and commercial A/C units. They are still moving air but are failing to cool it to the set temperature. There are a few reasons why this can occur.

Depending on what our technicians discover, the repairs can range in scope and cost. Once we can diagnose the cause of an A/C unit blowing hot air, we will work with you to determine the best course of action. We will find a solution that best fits your schedule and budget. If your home’s air conditioner is blowing hot air, call us today to set an appointment. Together we will get things back to working order.


An unresponsive A/C Unit is another issue we encounter almost daily when the temperatures are high in the South Plains. There are many reasons for this occurring, and they range from mundane electrical problems, all the way to system failures.

When your home or business’ A/C unit is not responding to its control panel, it is essential to call us to look. Considering this could have an electrical cause, trying to repair it yourself without proper knowledge can be dangerous. Our licensed technicians are happy to help find the issue and immediately present solutions to the problems they encounter.


Many times, when a residential or commercial A/C Unit is not functioning correctly, there is an issue with the unit’s condenser. An A/C’s condenser is the part of the system responsible for cooling down refrigerant by turning it from a vapor state into a liquid.

There are many parts to the condenser, which means there are several reasons why they can fail. Repairs of condensers have a wide range of costs. At Lowery, we can work to determine if your condenser is broken and if so, how to best repair it. Don’t let the heat beat your home or business this summer, call Lowery today to diagnose and repair any issues.


Having your home or business’s air conditioning unit fail is a big deal, especially when the temperatures are hitting the triple digits in the summer. We understand that when you call us to determine and fix possible issues, you need it done as soon as possible.

Our team of licensed HVAC professionals will work with your schedule to find the best time to come out and get your A/C system operating as it should. At Lowery, we also never charge premiums for the weekend, holiday, or after hour calls. Experience the freedom of getting the best level of service in West Texas when it works for you, for no extra or hidden costs.


We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau by keeping our customers’ best interest in mind. Our Air Conditioning experts aim to give our customers the best service possible, no matter how difficult the task. No air conditioning issue in Lubbock is too complicated for us! Give us a call and Lowery Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning will be happy to help with your Lubbock Air Conditioning problems.