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Best Cooling Options For A Sunroom

By September 22, 2019April 1st, 2023No Comments

If you have a sunroom in your house, then you know its benefits, especially when the weather is warm and you’re more prone to being outside. It is easier to enjoy the warm sun without having to worry about too many bugs flying around or getting sunburnt with the screen protecting you. However, if your sunroom is getting unbearable during the summer, then you may want to keep reading. You can add many different things to your outdoor oasis to make it more enjoyable for everyone.  

Installing fans

If you’re suffering from excessive heat in your sunroom, you could install a fan if you don’t already have one in your space. Installing a fan could be the only option for some if their sunroom is not able to be air-conditioned. The more fans, the better, especially for a larger space.  

Converting your screen room  

There is another option though, if you have a screened in room, then you can convert it into a sunroom that you can air condition. To achieve this, you can purchase glass inserts that can cover your screens. What’s cool about these glass inserts is that they are removable, that way you can take them down when the weather permits.  

Extend your HVAC system

So far, if neither option would work for you, then you may be able to team up with your HVAC contractor, and they can work with you on possibly making your sunroom livable in the summer and toasty in the winter. Your HVAC contractor will be able to survey your house and sunroom to see if it would be a possibility to extend your ductwork. They could tell you that you may need to upgrade the size of your HVAC system, so it would effortlessly be able to handle the added square footage.  

Add a ductless unit

Ductless units can be the less invasive option for your sunroom. Your contractor may offer you a ductless mini-split unit, which is known to have cooling power and be cost-effective since they stand alone. Something to remember if you decide to purchase this system is that your sunroom needs to be insulated and air sealed, so you don’t waste any energy.

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