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Meet Nest: The Learning Thermostat

What is Nest? Technology is moving at a rapid pace, and the same is true for the heating and air conditioning industry. Nest has recently introduced the third-generation Nest Learning Thermostat. This “smart” thermostat makes your life stress free by utilizing the most cutting-edge technology in the industry. And without further ado, we present to…


HVAC Spring Cleaning

HVAC Spring Cleaning Checklist Now that Spring is here, it is time for that dreaded annual Spring cleaning that happens every year. For some it is a catch up on dusting that never got done, or going through closets and selling or throwing out unused items, or maybe deep cleaning your carpets. The list goes…


Going Trenchless

Trenchless Plumbing It is a known fact that as more information is becoming available to homeowners the more “home-savvy” they will get. Today we see homeowners becoming amateur plumbers, carpenters, and electricians. But with that said there are always jobs that should be exclusively left to the professionals, especially when it comes to plumbing repair.…

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Who Is American Standard?

American Standard creates Quality Kitchen and Bathroom Products American Standard is the leading innovator of quality kitchen and bathroom products, coupled with their passion for plumbing, and their never-ending quest to improve the quality and comfort of the lives of people using their products. American Standard has a hand in 3 out of 5 homes…