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Can I Buy Air Conditioning Freon at Home Depot? 

By May 23, 2021May 3rd, 2023No Comments
buy freon, Can I Buy Air Conditioning Freon at Home Depot? 

Toilet paper wasn’t the only shortage you experienced over the last few years! The pandemonium of the recent twenties is not the only thing leaving the United States hot under the collar. Under the watchful guidance of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), our nation has been phasing out Freon (also known as R-22).   

You know about freon because it’s been an ordinary (and necessary) part of your cooling systems. So, all those air conditioning and refrigerating units manufactured before 2015 had freon. So, it’s been a mainstay, keeping us all cool and comfortable!  

Freon Is Outdated and Inefficient   

Is there a freon shortage? Unfortunately, freon (R-22) is not the most ozone-friendly product. As of January 1st, 2020, the EPA began phasing out Freon’s use, importation, and manufacturing here in North America, making it a difficult commodity to come by.  

Yep, there are shortages of freon too, and the reasons aren’t just because of the recent supply chain snafus. It’s not as commonly accessible, and that trend will likely continue. Of course, that’s a problem for you, particularly when you need more freon for your cooling system. So, what does the shortage mean for you?  

HVAC Repair Services and Consumers Find Themselves at Odds  

The recent scarcity of R-22 has led to skyrocketing prices, with increases of hundreds of dollars every few months. Purchasing stockpiled and recycled amounts of Freon is all that is available to most consumers. HVAC repair services and dealers are now in the lucrative position of being the most reliable sources for legitimate R-22 and the safest means of getting your older model unit repaired.  

R-22 Repairs are Best Left to the Experts  

Freon is volatile and there are safety concerns. So, handling freon is best left to licensed experts who are experienced in dealing with any repair or replacement of the R-22. Of course, if you’ve purchased the newer, post-2015 cooling units, they already use more efficient Freon alternatives. So, you’re already saving time and money on your short-term repairs and long-term energy costs.  

While we’re not quite there yet, it will soon be more cost-effective to replace your HVAC unit than to top it up with R-22. But, if we return to that question about buying freon, the news is not great. R-22 Freon is not even available for purchase unless you’re an EPA-licensed technician.  

So, you can’t buy Freon from Home Depot for your HVAC needs. The good news is that you can still get it, though. At Lowery, we’ve still got you covered. Lowery will keep you cool-headed as temperatures (and Freon costs) rise! They are experts at repairing and installing air conditioning units here in the Lone-Star State.  

Find out more about your options in phasing out freon while keeping your house cool and comfortable. Call now!   

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