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DIY Air Conditioner Repair

By June 26, 2020October 12th, 2022No Comments

DIY Air Conditioner Repair

If there’s one thing people dread during the summer, it’s their A/C unit going out. No one wants to be stuck inside, sweating bullets and fanning themselves with a magazine. Your first thought might be to call a professional, but you could possibly fix the problem yourself.

Often times, there are simple and easy solutions to common A/C problems, especially after a long, hot summer has been making your machine work overtime. Below, we’ve listed some of these easy fixes, and how you can do them yourself before calling a repair person. However, if you still need help, Lowery is available 24/7. For assistance, call 806.741.0519.


DIY Air Conditioner Repair, DIY Air Conditioner Repair

The problem might not even be with the A/C itself! It’s always important to check the power source before deciding whether or not the machine itself has an issue. Double check and make sure the switches are turned on or have not been changed without your knowledge. Some houses have switches specific to the A/C, and the box may be located in your home (laundry room/garage) or outside.


DIY Air Conditioner Repair, DIY Air Conditioner Repair

Sometimes, it’s as simple as making sure all the switches are located in the right position. For a quick check, make sure your controls are set to “cool” instead of the “fan” option and that the temperature is set to something colder than the ambient temperature outdoors.

Outdoor Coil and Filters

DIY Air Conditioner Repair, DIY Air Conditioner Repair

At your outdoor unit, make sure the coils are clear and the filters are clean. It is also important to see if any plants, leaves, or other materials are blocking where the air flows from your machine. You can replace dirty filters yourself, and you can clean the dirty coils with your garden hose.

Unfortunately, if you believe the indoor coils and filters are dirty, you will need a professional to help you. If you call Lowery (806.741.0519), we will offer you the best services available.

Ice Buildup

DIY Air Conditioner Repair, DIY Air Conditioner Repair

If your A/C unit isn’t working due to an ice buildup, there is a simple solution available to you: shut it off! If you turn off the cooling system, and leave the fan running, the ice will melt by itself.

We hope this information saves you money on your next A/C repair, but we’re still always here to help if you need it. Visit for more information on pricing, hours, and the services we offer.

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