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DIY vs Professionals

By June 28, 2021May 6th, 2023No Comments
DIY vs Professional, DIY vs Professionals

When to Call the Professional for Plumbing, Heating and HVAC

You may be able to tackle your plumbing, A/C, or heating issues in some instances. But in most cases, seeking professional assistance is the best and safest option for your home/family. Not knowing which situations require the help of a professional can cause additional damage to your plumbing or HVAC units. And not only can it cause further damage to your home, but it could also potentially cause damage to your wallet. Follow these tips to know which job you can tackle on your own and which requires the help of a professional to save you time, money, and energy.

DIY: Changing Air Filters

Air filters purify the air circulating through your home, so you don’t have to worry about dust or unfiltered air being left on surfaces or breathed in while relaxing in the comfort of your dwelling. Depending on the size of your home and the number of pets you have, your home’s filter needs to be changed about once a month to every six months. Neglecting to change your air filter can cause several health issues and slowly break down your unit.

Call a Professional: Poor Air Quality

If you consider yourself the poster child for air filter maintenance yet still notice your air quality as poor, then it’s time to call a professional. There are many different services a professional HVAC company can provide to increase the quality of air in your home, including the installation of air intakes and optimization of your home’s ventilation systems.

DIY: Unclogging a Toilet

A clogged toilet, as annoying as it can be, is an issue that (most of the time) can be solved without the help of a professional and doesn’t usually require immediate assistance from a local plumbing service. If you notice a stopped-up toilet, take the proper steps toward safely unclogging the toilet in a timely and non-evasive manner. Once the blockage has been cleared and water levels start to subside, you may flush the toilet.

Call a Professional: Leaking Pipes

A broken or leaking pipe system is a serious concern for your home and the foundation’s well-being. Leaks usually result from a damaged pipe that eventually could burst, causing an onslaught of plumbing issues. Not only is this a worst-case scenario for your plumbing, but it can also cause costly damage to your flooring and foundation. Leaks are not easy to fix, so it is crucial to call a professional plumbing service when you notice a leak or the potential sign of one.

DIY: Clean Your Heater

Regularly cleaning your heating system can increase the life of your unit, and it’s easy to maintain.

  • Step One: Turn off the circuit breaker.
  • Step Two: Use a vacuum to suck up dust or debris on or around the unit. This will keep the unit from overheating or causing a fire and can prevent a list of issues that could affect your home and your wallet.

Call a Professional: Heating System Repair

Heating systems require a slew of moving parts. So, if you’re having issues with your home’s unit, have a professional assess the problem. Even if you aren’t sure the unit isn’t working correctly, “when in doubt, have a professional check it out.” Malfunctions can lead to an increased bill and harmful emissions and even jeopardize the safety of your home and those in it.

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