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Fall Furnace Maintenance Guide

By October 15, 2017No Comments

Fall Furnace Maintenance Guide

Before temperatures drop and the winter climate sets in, it is crucial to conduct maintenance to keep your furnace and your home safe this season. You put your home and family at risk for hazards, like carbon monoxide poisoning, if you don’t conduct a thorough cleanse. However, don’t fret because we are here to walk you through every step.

Step One: Shut Down the Furnace

Before working on your system, it is vital to turn off the electricity and fuel supply. The fuel switch is located near the gas pipe or oil tank, while the electric switch is near the burner or stairway.

Step Two: Clean the Combustion Chamber

In this sector of the system, fuel and air are mixed to ignite and generate your home’s heat. Built up soot can erode the walls of the chamber and put your house in danger. Using a wire brush, scrape out the build up and remove with an industrial vacuum. Before you replace the cover, you should check for any erosions, holes, or other physical changes in the walls.

Step Three: Inspect the Pipes

Holes in the fuel pipes can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. Therefore, checking for these holes is vital in the maintenance process. If you do find a small hole, don’t worry. The erosions can be patched up with foil tape. However, if your pipes are corroded, they will need to be entirely replaced.

Step Four: Replace the Oil Filter

Changing out filters is a preventative step in the maintenance process against allowing impurities from entering and flowing through your system, which could potentially harm the entire system and force it to shut down. Close the oil valve before removing and replacing filters. Be sure to dispose of the oil filter accordingly.

Step Five: Change the Air Filter

Changing this filter is something you should be doing more than once a year during maintenance as it affects the air your family breathes. For easy replacement, loosen the belt of the blower and fasten when done.

Step Six: Adjust the Burner

Using a combustion analyzer, measure the gases in the exhaust flue. Replace oil nozzle as well while checking for the color of the flame and the shape.

Step Seven: Clean Floor Vents

Cleaning your vents of dust and pet dander helps optimize your system’s efficiency.

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