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Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal Do’s and Don’ts

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garbage disposal, Garbage Disposal Do’s and Don’ts

Here’s what you should know…

Your garbage disposal is an integral part of your kitchen plumbing. The disposal aims to grind food so your kitchen pipes don’t get clogged or backed up. If your garbage disposal breaks, you won’t be able to scrape food into the sink, and there is a possibility you may not be able to use your sink at all. Here are some basic dos and don’ts to keep your garbage disposal running correctly.

Do: Use the Disposal

You should begin doing that today if you haven’t regularly run your garbage disposal. Regularly running the disposal ensures all the moving parts in the garbage disposal are functioning correctly. Plus, the more you run it, the more likely you will recognize a problem with it. Like a car, the longer you leave it dormant, the harder it is to start it up when you want it.

Do: Use Water With the Disposal

Using water with the garbage disposal will help soften the food and move it through the garbage disposal easy. Cold water is much easier to safely get items such as grease or oil down through the garbage disposal system. Not using water can make the disposal system work overtime and cause more clogs in the pipes.

Don’t: Put Grease or Oil Down the Disposal

You should NEVER put any grease or oil down your garbage disposal. Doing so causes the grease or oil to act as a lubricant on the blades, thus making them ineffective. Not only will the blades start to lose effect on the waste, but when disposed of with other food, the grease will make the waste very difficult to get through the system and ultimately cause a system failure.

Do: Use Cold Water

When running the garbage disposal, be sure only to use cold water. While it is safe to use hot water when not running the garbage disposal, hot water will only cause blockages while the disposal is running. The hot water acts as an adhesive and binds items such as oils or fats together. This makes it harder on the disposal to break up the food and can damage your garbage disposal motor and blades.

Don’t: Put Food That Expands Down the Disposal

While it may seem tempting, you should not put expandable food such as rice down the garbage disposal. When you put these items down the disposal, they can still expand from the running water as you wash them down the drain. This is a common reason why many garbage disposals get backed up or completely blocked.

Don’t: Use Harmful Chemicals

You should avoid using toxic chemicals such as bleach and Drano to fix garbage disposal. Putting the wrong kind of chemical on the blades may cause corrosion or rust to form on the blades and pipes. Instead, call a plumber to fix the blockage safely and get your garbage disposal up and running quickly.

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