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Heater System Maintenance Checklist

By February 25, 2020April 1st, 2023No Comments

Annual heating system maintenance checks are essential for your furnace to work properly, especially as winter approaches. Calling an expert to service your heating system is vital, as they are trained to identify and repair any problems or potential issues before it’s too late. Lubbock winters are brutal, and calling Lowery today can ensure that you’re home and loved ones stay warm this season. 

Why is Heater Maintenance Important? 

Making heater maintenance a priority is the only way to keep your equipment in good shape and working correctly. As temperatures begin to drop, your heater will be put to the test and expected to keep you warm through the winter months. However, without proper services, your heater could fail you in the middle of December, making this a much more urgent and problematic situation. Scheduling a heater repair and service tune-up in advance can save you from a mid-winter system breakdown. Additionally, servicing heating systems in advance can give you time to budget and plan for necessary upgrades and repairs. 

Lowery Maintenance Checklist

  1. Carbon monoxide check
  2. Burner assembly and gas valve test
  3. Inspect combustion compartment
  4. Inspect ductwork
  5. Inspect/test electrical heating components
  6. Test blower motor
  7. Check all electrical components for shorts or burns
  8. Check Heat Pump function (on HP systems)
  9. Check filtration
  10. Check thermostat calibration
  11. Check platform for leaks from the unit
  12. Check Combustion gas venting
  13. Check for proper combustion air
  14. Check gas and electrical connections
  15. Check flame igniter

Post Inspection

After thoroughly inspecting your heating system, your Lowery technician will write a report with detailed recommendations for upgrades and repairs.  While these recommendations may seem optional, they are extremely important for preventing expensive repairs in the future and can extend the lifespan of your furnace. 

Things to Consider

Can’t decide if you need to repair or replace your heating system? Here are some tips. 

  • Age: The average lifespan of a furnace is 10-15 years. If your heating system has been with you for longer than this, it’s probably time to look into a replacement; especially if you’ve already spent money on repairs in the past few seasons. 
  • Cost of Investment: While it is more expensive to replace than to repair, consider the cost of keeping your furnace running, and for how much longer it will last. A Lowery professional can help you calculate and compare the expenses of replacing or repairing. 
  • Utility Rates: By evaluating previous utility bills and comparing them to rising utility rates, you can calculate an estimated cost to keep your current furnace running this season. Compare that with the energy rates of purchasing a new furnace with the same utility rates to get an idea for which will be more beneficial to your home and spending. 

Our team of licensed HVAC professionals will work with your schedule to find the best time to come out and get your heating system operating as it should. At Lowery, we also never charge premiums for the weekend, holiday, or after-hour calls. Experience the freedom of getting the best level of service in West Texas when it works for you, for no extra or hidden costs. Contact us now to get started!