Heating Repair, Heating Repair

Heating Repair

Does Your Lubbock Heater Need A Repair?

West Texas winds can mean cold temperatures in the wintertime. Let our experienced professionals repair your heating system so you can stay warm this winter.
A broken heating system in the middle of a Lubbock or West Texas winter is not only a crisis but can quickly become dangerous for you and your loved ones. At Lowery, we understand the importance of high-quality service in record response time. Trust our trained professionals to keep your home warm and comfortable this winter.
Heating Repair, Heating Repair

Lubbock Heater Repair - Problem & Diagnosis

Many things can go wrong in your heating system. But don’t worry about finding the problem on your own! Lowery’s team of trained professionals can quickly diagnose the issue and repair or replace it right away. With over 100 years of combined experience in diagnosing, repairing, and servicing heating units, you are in good hands with Lowery this winter.


One of the most obvious ways you can tell your heating system is not working is if your vents are blowing out cold air. While living in the South Plains has its perks, one of the downfalls is a surplus of dust and debris brought from gusting winds. Over time, this can affect the efficiency of your heating system, and therefore cause the inability for the system to work correctly. Luckily, this issue can typically be resolved with a routine system cleaning, and Lowery can have your home warm and cozy in no time. Check out these other reasons your heater might be blowing cold air. 


To many homeowners’ surprise, the average lifespan of a heating unit is only 10-20 years. Additionally, heating pumps only last around 14 years. Your furnace is under a lot of strain when it is constantly running during the winter months. This can be difficult for older heating systems as debris, and unavoidable wear and tear have accumulated over the years. Eventually, the stress of daily functions can lead to your system shutting down altogether. For more information on new heating system installations, call Lowery today!


If you are experiencing any of the above problems with your heating system, call Lowery right away! System issues can quickly compound, even after the smallest of problems. We pride ourselves in professional service and honest estimates. At Lowery, we understand that when you call about a heating system failure, immediate help is needed.


Unfortunately, heating and cooling systems don’t last forever. Having an older unit can make you susceptible to issues and even inevitable replacement. Units that are older than ten years old efficiency ranges from 56% to 70% while modern heating systems can maintain up to 90% efficiency. Upgrading your older heating unit for a new modern one can cut your energy bills in half. Check out these 5 signs that might mean it’s time to upgrade your heater. 
Our team of licensed HVAC professionals will work with your schedule to find the best time to come out and get your heating system operating as it should. At Lowery, we also never charge premiums for the weekend, holiday, or after hour calls. Experience the freedom of getting the best level of service in West Texas when it works for you, for no extra or hidden costs.


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