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Home Heater Safety

By January 4, 2022April 20th, 2022No Comments
home heater safety, Home Heater Safety

With winter upon us, chilly temps and winter weather are on the way if they haven’t arrived already. Soon, you’ll be using your furnace throughout the day as well as into the night. As it will be several more months before you plan on shutting off your furnace again, it is important to understand the maintenance your gas furnace requires. To increase your furnace safety and prevent any furnace dangers, paying attention to any suspicious or faulty sounds is your first warning sign. Fortunately, following this simple safety list and keeping up with routine maintenance can ensure you have a safe and warm home.

Change your furnace filter regularly

As your furnace gets older, dust particles can build on your furnace’s air filter. This can cause issues like reduced airflow and ineffective heating to your home. These dust particles can also become a fire hazard or potentially cause your furnace to fail in extreme instances of neglect. Your furnace’s air filter should be regularly checked and changed before the winter season starts. A good rule of thumb to go by is to change your furnace’s filter at least once every 1-3 months with regular use. 

Install a carbon monoxide (CO) detector in your home

Gas furnaces can prompt the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if they are not functioning properly. However, installing a carbon monoxide detector can help you stay on top of this hazardous risk by alerting you when dangerous levels of carbon monoxide are detected. Once a carbon monoxide detector is installed in your home, be sure to check it is working correctly at least once a month during the winter season.

Schedule a furnace cleaning and check-up routinely

A yearly furnace cleaning and check-up by a certified technician should be scheduled before the winter season begins. In doing this, you can ensure your furnace is working correctly and effectively once the colder temperatures hit. Be sure to also request your technician to check for cracks in the combustion chamber, as cracks could allow the risk of carbon monoxide to leak into your home.

Keep the area around your furnace clean and unobstructed

Make sure it is a priority to keep the area around your furnace clean. Also, make certain that the surrounding area of your furnace is free of any obstructions. Keeping the neighboring areas around your furnace and its vents clean will not only maximize airflow and efficiency but also ensure your home’s safety. It is also imperative you do not store anything combustible or flammable near your home’s furnace to prevent any fire hazards that could occur.


Keep your home warm and toasty this winter season by scheduling a maintenance check with a trusted technician from Lowery. Call (806) 741-0519 or visit Lowery today!