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How to Inspect a Gas Water Heater

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Your gas water heater is built to last and provide years of trouble-free service. However, you should inspect it annually for any signs of trouble. Follow these steps to inspect your water heater thoroughly.

Water Supply Pipe

First, check the water supply pipe that’s located on top of the heater. This pipe is responsible for the water that goes into the tank. Look and feel for any leaks or loose components. Then turn the water shut off valve on and off, to make sure it operates smoothly and does not leak.

Gas Control

Now we test the gas control but take note of the current settings. We will need to return the unit to its original settings after testing. Turn up the knob until the burner ignites and let it run for a while. Listen to anything strange. If you hear a noise that could indicate the buildup of corrosion. Meaning that the water heater can be reaching the end of its life.

Water Tank

Here we do an overall scan of the water tank. Look for any pieces that come out of the tank to be in good shape and signs of rust. Then check the floor and overflow pan for any signs of water stains that might indicate a leak.

Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve

This valve is a safety device located on the side or top of the tank. Its purpose is to release excess pressure or heat, to prevent the tank from exploding.

If you decided to test this yourself, just be careful. Extremely hot water resides inside the tank. First, place a cup or bucket at the end of the discharge pipe. Second, step away from the discharge pipe and secure your hands and feet. Then pull up on the T & V valve, if the valve works as intended, water will quickly shoot out of the pipe. If water doesn’t flow or the discharge pipe leaks after it’s been closed, then call a plumber to replace the valve immediately. Mineral buildup can cause the valve to malfunction and cause an accident.

Finally, check to see if the water supply line is turned on and reset the gas control to its original settings. If your inspection reveals any problems, give us a call! Here at Lowery Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, we have highly trained and licensed plumbers that can repair or replace your gas water heater. Visit us at

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