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How to Pet-Proof Your Home Plumbing

By March 4, 2019No Comments

Our pets can be such bliss in our lives, they bring us joy and great times. Unfortunately, one thing you might not think of when it comes to owning a pet is the burden they have to your plumbing. Their instinctual habits of curiosity and chewing can lead to damages that may be costly. The good news is you can do something about it, here are some tips to make your home pet-proof.

Make sure your toilet’s lid is closed

When pets see no water in their bowls, they seek out another source of water around the house, most likely, they will end up by your toilet bowl. Yes, it may be funny to see your pet drinking toilet water, but it’s not safe for them. The toilet water may be contaminated by chemical residue left behind from cleaning products, making them sick. There are two simple things you can do to prevent this. Check water bowls throughout the day and refill as needed. Then make sure to close the toilet lid, they won’t drink the water if they can’t reach it.

Clean them outside

Your pets might love shower time in your tub, but your plumbing won’t. Home plumbing is not made to handle excessive debris and fur, so make sure to give it a break. Before they head into the house, rinse them off with a hose. This will keep your home spotless and help you avoid a call to a plumber.

Keep Chemicals out of reach

Just like children, pets are curious and grab what they shouldn’t. They can quickly chew through plastic containers and ingest unwanted liquids. Avoid yourself a trip to the vet by keeping any chemicals out of reach. Place them in high to reach areas or in a cabinet that has a lock to it.

Exposed Pipes

For whatever reason, dogs love to gnaw on anything, it may be your shoes or someone’s homework. Haha. However, one thing they shouldn’t bite on is any exposed pipes. Chewing on pipes can lead to pricy repairs or even an injury. Contact your plumber to learn more about the best materials to use to cover up exposed pipes.

Know What’s Below

By nature, dogs love to dig hoping they find something to munch on. Nonetheless, be wary of your yard. Utility lines are supposed to be deep in the ground, but some are not. For precaution call 811 or call a utility technician to come out and locate the lines for you.

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