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Should You Upgrade to Central Air in Your Old House?

By September 2, 2022September 28th, 2022No Comments
Central Air

That is a loaded question that hinges on 4 points:   

  • Is this the home you plan on living in or owning for 10+ years?  
  • Are you trying to sell this home?  
  • Where is this home located?  
  • Does this home have pre-existing ductwork?  

If you plan on living in a home long-term, in a hot climate, where your window units are not keeping you cool, then upgrading to central air is probably the next step.   

What About the Capacity?   

Our certified, registered technicians at Lowery will calculate the capacity that best meets your needs.  

  • An oversized unit will turn on and off more often, shortening its lifespan.  
  • A unit that is too small will not offer even temperatures and will allow your historic home to become humid.  

Humidity comes with its own set of problems that could damage your home. So you need the AC unit that’s just right for your needs now and in the future.  

What About Energy Efficiency?    

Energy efficiency is where long-term costs make the most significant impact. The Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) directly affects your energy costs. It also decides how low your monthly bill will be. Energy efficiency is a higher starting investment. However, the lower monthly bills make up for that short-term hit to your wallet. Even state incentives and tax credits help you meet your budget goals.  

What About the Brand?    

Some brands have been in the energy-efficient category longer than others. So, ask these essential questions.  

  • Is the unit the correct size to function for your home?  
  • Are there ducts available for installation requirements?   
  • Will you need to install your unit around existing historical architecture?  

Our certified HVAC team at Lowery will help you answer these questions and make the right decisions to ensure your comfort and energy efficiency.  

How to Maximize Your Central AC Upgrade   

To take advantage of the best quality Central AC upgrade, you should always call our team of expert technicians at Lowery to ensure that your new AC unit will meet your needs. Your central AC system is an investment you’ll see and experience for years!     

Find Out How Lowery Can Help  

At Lowery, we’re available 24/7 to support your plumbing, heating, and Air Conditioning needs. You can trust our experienced team of certified technicians to give you all the information you need to make the right decision for you and your “old house.” Contact us today for all your air conditioning needs!  

Call Us at (806) 741-0519 to Determine the Best AC Solutions for Your Old House!