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Why is my shower taking so long to heat up?

By December 7, 2016No Comments

There’s nothing better than jumping into a nice hot shower when you need to warm up and unwind. We have all impatiently stood outside of our showers sticking our hand in every few seconds, feeling for that hot water. Or we have jumped in prematurely and been hit with that icy water sending shivers all over your body. Living in a world of instant gratification, waiting an extra few minutes to get hot water can be very frustrating. So, why is your water taking so long to heat up?

  •  Pipe diameter– If you have wider pipes the hot water delivery rate will be slower. Wider pipes take more time to deliver hot water because of the volume of water being transported. Smaller thinner pipes will deliver hot water much quicker with the same flow rate.
  • Weather– Weather will always affect how quickly your water gets heated. On a hot day, your pipes will be warm and deliver hot water quicker. During the winter when the temperatures have dropped outside your pipes will be cold. As hot water is being pushed through them the water will cool slightly. As the pipes heat up from the hot water, more hot water will reach your faucet.
  • Tankless water heater–  Unlike storage tanks full of hot water waiting for you, tankless hot water heaters must first heat the water before sending it to you causing a longer wait time.
  • Flow rate– Flow rates used to be much higher than they are now. With water conservation on our minds, we have reduced flow rates. Years ago, flow rates were around gallons per minute, whereas now they are around 2 gallons per minute. Slowing down the flow rate also slows down the rate of receiving hot water.
  • Pipe material– Galvanized pipes are much thicker and heavier than copper pipes. The thicker the pipe, the more heat it will absorb from the hot water flowing through it. This means it is pulling the heat from the water resulting in a longer wait time to get your hot water. Therefore, thinner copper pipes will deliver hot water to your shower much faster.

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