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Why Does My Toilet Keeps Running? 

By February 25, 2023April 12th, 2023No Comments
toilet keeps running, Why Does My Toilet Keeps Running? 

We love when our fixtures work like they are supposed to. We can flip a switch, and a light bulb turns on, or push a lever, and our toilet flushes. Compared to our ancestors, hundreds of years ago, we have it made. So much so that panic or stress might occur when one of those convenient little fixtures isn’t working correctly, panic or anxiety might occur. So, what do you do when the toilet keeps running?

We might take the sound of a flushing toilet for granted, but when you stop to think about the fact that you don’t have to worry about dealing with your waste afterward, that sound becomes precious. The whole process might be more appreciated. You might find the water running into the bowl more pleasant, accompanied by a satisfying sound of suction that occurs when it’s fully drained and the delightful trickle of water filling the reservoir. All of these sounds might be more appealing when you think about the convenient quality of life they bring. 

But what happens when one or more of those sounds doesn’t cease? What happens if that sound of running water continues long after the toilet has done its intended job? The sound of a running toilet can be annoying, but more so, it can mean that some of your hard-earned money is running down the drain.

Your toilet can keep running for several different reasons. At Lowery Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning, we want you to know that we have you covered, and to help with your running toilet issues, we’ve compiled a list of possible causes. 

1.The Float Is Positioned too High

Your toilet might seem like a simple fixture when you first look at it, but it’s made from several smaller pieces that make up the whole. It’s a complex arrangement of pulleys and levers that control the release and restriction of water flow. One of these smaller pieces is called the float. 

The float is responsible for maintaining the water level within your reservoir. Therefore, adjusting its position will lower or raise the water level. Often, water will run into your toilet bowl because the float’s height is set so high that excessive water continues to drain into the overflow tube. Your overflow tube is the small pipe inside of your reservoir that eliminates any chance of it overflowing into your bathroom. 

Adjusting your float will help keep your water levels below the overflow valve and help you save water and money. Our licensed and certified technician can help to adjust the float to prevent the continual running water.

2. Your Flapper Needs To Be Replaced

There is a component within your toilet that has a highly sophisticated and thoughtful name. It’s called “The flapper,” and its whole purpose is to serve as a flap to cover the hole that lets water into your toilet bowl from the reservoir. Unfortunately, flappers can get worn down after years of repeated use.

The rubber on the flapper can tear where it’s connected to the chain, and when you pull the lever, the water pressure creates resistance on the flap. When the rubber tears, it can create a leak that allows water to drain into your bowl. Eventually, the toilet will drain enough water to activate the float, and your reservoir will refill itself. This whole process will continue until the flapper is replaced, which we can quickly fix for you. 

3. Your Refill Tube Needs To Be Shortened

Your toilet could constantly be running because your refill tube continually pumps water into the toilet bowl. When your refill tube is too long and isn’t lined up correctly with your overflow tube, it can create suction that pulls water out of the fill valve and down to the bowl. Shortening your refill tube just above the overflow tube will prevent this occurrence. Our team at Lowey can help to resolve this issue.

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