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Top 7 HVAC Tips for Summer

By June 20, 2022August 20th, 2022No Comments
hvac tips, Top 7 HVAC Tips for Summer

Summertime means blistering temperatures, making your air conditioning seem like the essential tool in your home to keep cool. While the summer can put an extra toll on your AC unit and energy bill, there are some tips and tricks to maximize cooling and protect your AC unit this summer.   

Install an Attic Fan  

While many use fans throughout their home, they often skip over the idea of an attic fan. An attic fan will help circulate warm air out of your home and replace it with cooler air. A fan in your attic can reduce the temperature inside your home by up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit! This simple addition can help keep your home cool and save you money on your energy bills.   

Get a Smart Thermostat  

These clever gadgets can be programmed to fit your schedule; some are even app operated! That means if you forgot to change the thermostat, you can change it from your phone while away from home and still save money!  

Turn Up the Temperature When Leaving Home or Going Out  

While some homeowners prefer to completely turn off their AC unit when away from home, many HVAC professionals recommend simply setting the thermostat at a higher temperature. You can save 5% on your energy bill for each degree you leave your thermostat higher in the summer and lower in the winter. You should also set your thermostat to 78 degrees Fahrenheit (25 Celsius) before you go to bed to prevent overheating. Don’t forget comfort and safety are more critical than energy costs.   

Make Sure Your Air Ducts Aren’t Blocked  

Regular maintenance for your HVAC unit allows it to function more efficiently. Making sure that the airflow through your ducts is at the correct level is part of keeping your unit working at its best. You can use the 18″ rule of thumb when arranging your furniture, which means keeping all furniture and household items at least 18″ away from every airflow vent. You don’t want the decor to affect your unit’s ability to cool or heat the air.  

Change Your Filters  

You should change your filter regularly. Filters trap dust particles, germs, and other contaminants that cause allergies and can even make you sick. When you replace your air filter, you remove odors and moisture from the air. Changing your filter takes about 3 minutes, so you’ll have better air quality and airflow, keeping you cool and comfortable.   

Schedule Maintenance  

Every year you should have your HVAC unit inspected. Call ahead for your inspection if you notice sounds, odors, and water pooling around your equipment. Ask your technician if these red flags show that they may have to schedule more time for repairs.  

Consider Upgrading Your System  

Many of the HVAC units built before 2015 are not up to current standards, which include energy efficiency and coolant upgrades. In the long run, installing a modern HVAC unit may be more efficient and budget-friendly.    

Our experts at Lowery can help you select an HVAC unit that meets all your cooling needs. From installation to continued maintenance, we have you covered. So contact us today and stay cool all summer long!