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Ways You Can Maintain a Heater

By October 26, 2016April 1st, 2023No Comments

Ways You Can Maintain a Heater During Offseason

The summer time gets hot and humid most days, and when you are wanting to cool off after swimming or hanging out with your family outdoors, the last thing you want is your heater running. Most people place their thermostat on cool or auto over the summer and warmer seasons because they don’t want the heater to run. However, could letting your heater continually run become an issue over the long term? When you finally go to turn your heater on are there problems with the musty smell and expenses from not running the heater regularly? Here are a few solutions that will help you prevent your electricity bill from skyrocketing and protect your heater from any future damages.

Cost Efficient Considerations

Maintain Heater, Ways You Can Maintain a Heater

A helpful tip to eliminating any air conditioning expenses would be to apply a cost-effective caulk around your windows that will seal off any air leaks that could be exposing your home. It is best to keep your home cool with the use of curtains and heat your home up naturally by keeping your window exposed during the day time to the purity of our sun’s UV rays. Try your best not to open your doors for the warming of your home because it will, in fact, cause your electric bill to increase from over-working your air-conditioning system. The unit will try to equalize with the desired temperature, and when a door or window is open, it is best to have the AC unit turned off completely.

Decor that Saves

Maintain Heater, Ways You Can Maintain a Heater

If you have a lot of hardwood floor, it would be promenade to place rugs or large amounts of carpet down in the seating areas. Adding these to your home will eliminate any heat from escaping through your floors during the rapid seasonal changes in West Texas. You can also save up to 10% a year alone on heating and cooling cost just by switching to a programmable thermostat. For example, if you set your thermostat 7-10 degrees’ Fahrenheit cooler for the hours you’re out of the house or at work, it will save you money as well.

If you have further questions and feel like your heater is giving you problems just give us a call and we can come by and run a diagnostic on your air conditioning unit.  At Lowery we do it cost effectively and time efficiently. Not only will we give you immediate feedback, but our specialist can also give you advice on how to prevent further damages in your home when you are present or preparing for a long trip.

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