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Why AC Repair Still Matters in Autumn

By November 12, 2019March 11th, 2020No Comments

HVAC repair may not be your main focus in the middle of fall. After all, we’ve survived the West Texas summer heat, and temperatures are finally beginning to drop. However, fall is the ideal time for HVAC repairs and maintenance for several reasons. For one, the weather in the South Plains is unpredictable, and we may continue to experience warm days where you will need your A/C unit working properly. Keep reading for more reasons why fall is the perfect time for HVAC maintenance! 

Benefits of Servicing Your System Now:

Save Money

Fall can be considered your system’s off-season. Therefore, servicing your system when your A/C is experiencing some downtime can be very beneficial. Scheduling maintenance before it’s too late allows you plenty of time for ample research on your system and the repairs needed. The more knowledgeable you are on what needs to be fixed, the more likely you are to save money. Rather than waiting until you’re desperate for immediate repair in the middle of the summer, service your system in the fall so you are given the time to consider the best options for your unit. 

Increase Your System’s Lifespan

Waiting to repair your system until a severe problem is already at hand greatly damages your air conditioning system. Avoiding repairs when you need them and continuing to run your A/C only worsens the issue and can potentially lead to other problems, as well. An older system is even more liable to failure with a lack of proper maintenance. 

Avoid Last Minute Repairs

Leaving your system unmaintained through the fall and winter months can lead to some unpleasant surprises when you turn your air conditioner on again in the spring. No one wants to face the Texas summer heat without a fully functioning A/C system. Procrastination leads to scrambling to find an HVAC contractor who is available in their busiest time of year. Setting up an inspection now can ensure that you have a plan for repairs as far in advance as possible. 

How Do I Know I Need a Repair? 

Wondering what to look for when inspecting your home HVAC system? Here are some of the most common signs your system is in need of repair: 

  • The airflow circulating throughout your home has substantially decreased
  • Inconsistent cooling throughout your home – some rooms are cooler/warmer than others
  • Odd noises are coming from your machine (rattling, clanking, buzzing, clicking, etc.)
  • The thermostat and the temperature in your home are not equivalent
  • Any visible leakage coming from your system
  •  Your home isn’t cooling as you want it to

Schedule an inspection with Lowery today to ensure that your HVAC system is ready for the changing seasons. Call (806)-741-0519 or visit for more information.