About Us

Mr. Lowery began as an apprentice plumber while in his teens. Then, after several years in the trade, he began his business in 1980 as a small residential plumbing heating and AC construction company.

In 1990, he made the transition to a residential plumbing heating and AC repair and retrofit company. His goal the entire time was to provide the Lubbock area people with the finest products and services that could be given. His demand for himself and his employees has always been to remain ethical and honest in their interactions with customers. He maintains the highest expectations for his people in delivering “customer first” service. Recognizing and respecting the customers’ homes and their rights to choose any company for such services.

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We strive for superior service by giving the customer what they don’t receive from other similar service companies, highly trained employees, finest brands, and the freedom of choice in what they purchase. We don’t believe a customer should have their options limited by an untrained service company. They should have their homes and lives significantly improved when they choose a service and a product, and we endeavor to provide just that.

It is a guarantee, not a warranty. It ensures that the service or repair that we provided will give the customer hassle-free no cost work for the stated number of years they paid for or requested. For AC systems we also provide prepaid equipment maintenance for the stated period. We will also fight for the equipment manufactures warranties when necessary and register their equipment. For plumbing it means that we will further repair or replace any installed product if found defective or not working properly. These are taken care of and decided upon by us, in house, so no big corporation is involved.

We have striven to lead the industry in new technologies and products. We were the first to bring trenchless options to the citizens of Lubbock. We saw their growing demand for other choices, so we lead the way. We offer the highest rated American Standard equipment installations in the West Texas region. We, year after year, receive the highest awards for customer satisfaction because of our skilled technician’s dedication and effort to provide excellent service.