Bring the Lowery Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning comfort, care, and peace of mind you enjoy at home, to work.

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Quick – what’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word plumbing?

If you’re like most people, it’s probably your bathroom’s clogged toilet. While Lowery takes care of all your home’s plumbing, heating or air conditioning problems, we also offer our full line of services to your company.

Whether you work at a large corporate site or a local dairy farm, we know how to save you money in the long run. We service single and multi-location businesses and provide customized a program to cover all your commercial plumbing or heating and air conditioning needs. Our skilled technicians will handle any of your plumbing problems, from a leaky faucet to sewer pipe replacement.


Show him how you can save the company money on its plumbing – more specifically by dealing with your business’ old pipes. Lowery is the only company within a 250-mile radius to offer a patented service known as NU Flow Technology. Replacing your old pipes used to be a nightmare – now that’s no longer the case. Lowery has taken the word “replacing” and made it obsolete.

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With Nu Flow’s trenchless pipe repair, through our drain lining technology systems, we offer your business a cost-effective alternative to traditional dig methods of pipe replacement while still offering the structural strength of new piping. This technology allows our certified technicians to leave your business looking exactly the way it did before they got there.

Replacement Machinery is one of a company’s biggest investments. Think of your pipes as machinery that can save you serious money if properly maintained. That cash saving is like a cash flow, going back into your business. Don’t rely on countless short-term repairs – The NU Flow cleaning and epoxy lining process provides a quick and permanent solution for extending the useful life of older piping systems.

Contact us today to start saving your business money now. You take can the credit with your boss – we promise not to tell.