Residential Projects

Melonie Park Project

Although updated and maintained by their proud owners, the houses here mark the era in which they were constructed. Even though the homeowners frequently renovate the inside and outside of these houses, what lies below the surface and in the walls is another matter. Many of these homes still have the original piping that came with the home when the foundation was set. We’ve gone out more than once to address issues with these plumbing systems.

We at Lowery know how annoying and costly it can be to break down newly renovated walls or tear up newly landscaped flower beds. So rather than be intrusive and destructive, we used our trenchless pipe repair process to finish the job with minimal mess.

Our team assessed the aged pipes for any further signs of corrosion or breakage. We dried the lines with heated air and tested the system for leaks. Not finding any other damage, we sent our abrading agent through the system to clean out the remaining rust and corrosion, a critical step since the pipes here were old and had plenty of corrosion to prove it. After the lines were squeaky clean, we sent our epoxy lining through the damaged segment of the pipe and let it cure. By the time we were done, this section of the plumbing system was left better than new.

Plumbing issues can be scary, especially in older homes. The thought of replacing an entire plumbing system can leave homeowners in a cold sweat, but we weren’t about to let that happen. Our trenchless pipe repair solution was effective at a fraction cost. This homeowner has a newly renovated home and a clean, damage-free plumbing system.

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