Commercial Projects


Prater’s is a company that has been in business since 1955 and has never had air conditioning in its main cooking room. The temperatures in the summertime have been to higher than 105 degrees, and that’s a tough environment for anyone to work in. They had several reputable commercial air conditioning companies out to look at cooling the main cooking area and were told it could not be done.

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Prater’s called us to take care of a small air conditioner on a different part of the building and told us about the problem with the main cooking area and how hot it gets and asked us if we could do it and we at Lowery don’t know how to say can’t. (Success comes in CAN’s.)

We looked at the project and then began to get the right experts involved. We got a very qualified a/c equipment manufacturer involved, then we got a mechanical engineer involved, then a structural engineer, then an engineer that is expert in steam and humidity, and last and electrical engineer.

After the right team was put in place, we all worked together to design the perfect solutions.

The perfect solution had to involve not just Air Conditioning, it also included air filtration, humidity control, outdoor air control, smoke and fire alarms, major dust control, also food processing safety concerns and using the right materials that make food preparation safe, it also involved plumbing and proper drainage.

Lowery not only has the right experts working for them they also have the right contacts to put together a great team of experts that can take on most any air conditioning, heating and or plumbing challenge that needs to be taken care of.
50 Ton Package Unit
Duct work & skirting
Ceiling and holes for other duct work and skirting
Prepared placement for other duct work and skirting
Venting and air supply in ceiling above
We worked with the Praters Plant in Lubbock to install a new refrigerated unit and air supply into the necessary rooms.