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5 Measures You Need to Take to Childproof Your Bathroom

By December 8, 2017No Comments

5 Measures You Need to Take to Childproof Your Bathroom


Toddlers and young children have a knack for meddling in places they don’t need to be in. Out of all the places in your home, the bathroom is the most potentially dangerous to children. To prevent your child from accidentally harming themselves we’ve provided a few tips for childproofing your bathroom. The majority of injuries to toddlers and small children occur in the bathroom.  


Latches and Locks

We recommend installing a childproof latch or lock on any cabinets or drawers that could contain any potentially harmful substances such as cleaning supplies, medications and other harmful chemicals.


Night lights

This one isn’t just for the kids. Having a night light in the bathroom can protect yourself and your children from injury while using the bathroom in the middle of the night. For you, it is a matter of a stubbed toe or an elbow to the corner of the counter. For your child, it is more dangerous. Being lower to the ground these injuries could easily occur to their head or neck area.  


Step Stools

Step stools are great to have because it helps your child reach the sink and other bathroom related items.  When they can reach the sink they are able to brush their teeth, wash their hands and even floss.


Child Toilet Seat and Toilet Lock

Both items will prevent your child from unintentionally or intentionally falling into the toilet bowl.  Small children are at risk to slip right into the toilet bowl designed for normal sized people.  Installing a child toilet seat will prevent any chance or your son or daughter falling into the toilet. The toilet lock is simple. It keeps the lid locked so your child cannot dispose of toys or any other toilet clogging items in it. Also, prevents a curious child from peeking a little too close at the bottom of the toilet and accidentally tumbling into the water head first.

Bath Mats and Bath Rugs

This one is simple. Place a bath mat or rug on the outside of the tub and help prevent any chance of your child slipping getting in and getting out of the tub.


Installing and implementing these protective measures will ensure a much safer and stress-free environment for you and your child.  Call Lowery Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning for any questions (806) 741-0519!

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