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Why is Water Filtration Important?

By April 15, 2023June 16th, 2023No Comments
water filtration, Why is Water Filtration Important?

Your plumbing line is a lifeline to the people in your home. Fresh water is essential to the health of every human being on this planet, and the ability to access it through the turning of a screw is taken for granted sometimes. There is probably little we consider when our body tells us it’s time for a glass of water other than finding the closest source. While you may not be thinking about where the water comes from or the process it goes through to get to your cup, you might be surprised if you took a moment to ponder. 

What is Water Filtration? 

The answer to this question alone might give you a reason to pause and think about that clear liquid in your cup. Water filtration is the process by which unwanted particles such as parasites, bacteria, algae, viruses, and fungi are removed from your water. Most of us probably go about our day happily, oblivious to the possibility of parasites and viruses getting to us through our water supply, but without water filtration systems in place, that threat is genuine. 

Thankfully, our cities already have water treatment facilities that care for the more problematic issues before they reach our homes. But what happens if the city filtration fails or contamination occurs between our house and the water treatment plant? That’s when home filtration systems come in handy. 

What is a Home Filtration System? 

A home filtration system is similar to the city’s filtration system in what it does but on a much smaller scale. Where most water treatment plants use concentrated chemicals and expensive technology to make sure that our water is clean, home filtration systems use similar techniques that are not as costly and appropriately fitted for personalized use. 

Two types of filtration can occur in home filtration units. The first is physical filtration, which removes solid contaminants from the water, such as unwanted minerals and debris. The second type of filtration uses activated carbon to pull dissolved organic material from the water. Both processes are crucial to maintaining clear, clean, and safe water inside your home. 

What Solid Contaminants are in Water? 

It might not be apparent to see how solid particles could end up in your drinking water. Often these contaminants are so small that you. may not see them before drinking them, but they can be present whether we see them or not. 

Solid contaminants can find their way into your glass through your plumbing system, especially if you have old pipes that lead into your home. Rust, clay, soil, calcium, and limescale are a few common substances in tap water due to high concentrations of minerals and breakages in your pipes. If your pipes are cracked or have loose fittings, particles can find their way into your water lines and end up inside your drinking water. 

A water filtration system set up where your outside line meets the plumbing inside of your home will ensure that the water inside stays pollutant-free. A physical filter sends water through a strainer-like device that catches physical contaminants before they enter your home. 

What Dissolved Organic Material is in Water? 

Dissolved organic material is decomposed organic material broken down in the water. This can be anything from soil to algae to bacteria. Again, this is something to be concerned with if you have older pipes or leaks, but it can happen anytime a water main is damaged. 

Breaks in water lines allow water to flow out of the tube, but they can also let unwanted material into the water flow. When these unfortunate accidents occur, it’s always a good idea to have extra protection inside your home. A chemical filter uses activated carbon to pull these contaminants from the water and store them for later disposal. Bacteria and viruses that pass through water systems are not something you want to expose your family to, and while they are rare, it’s always a good idea to prepare for the unexpected. 

Water Filtration is an Easy Solution for Serious Problems

Knowing the possible threats to your drinking water might make you reconsider that glass in your hand. Still, it’s unlikely that you’re in real danger at this exact time. Your city’s water treatment plant is working hard to ensure that you and your family are safe from the dangerous particles found in fresh water. Even so, the saying goes, better to be safe than sorry. A home water filtration unit may be something to consider soon. If you’re ready to talk about installing one in your home, give Lowery plumbing, heating, and air conditioning a call today. We’ll get you set up quickly and easily, while ensuring that your drinking water is always pollutant free.

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