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How A Zone Control System Will Save You Money

By January 28, 2021September 28th, 2022No Comments
zone control system

What is a zone control system?  

These systems aren’t your regular HVAC unit, but with an exception. A zone control system can give you the option to personally set the temperature of each room or zone in your house. These are becoming increasingly popular in the homeowning world because of their unique features of being energy efficient while optimizing the performance of your current HVAC system.  

Reasons to get a zone control system

You can use a zone control system for the following situations:

  • When you have rooms in your house that you don’t  use frequently
  • Rooms that do not heat or cool efficiently  
  • When people who have two different temperature preferences live in the same house  

How it could save you money

A zone control system is exceptionally cost-efficient in areas like maintenance and the cost of your energy bills. That way, you are not heating or cooling rooms that nobody is in regularly while maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the rest of the house. This system is energy efficient since it doesn’t waste energy on unoccupied rooms and fuels all the power to your selected rooms. A zone control system can be great for larger houses that house multiple people since you will be able to custom-set their temperature preferences to fit their needs.   

Surprisingly enough, when it comes to cutting back on the cost of the energy you’re using, even just the slightest decrease in the usage of your HVAC system could end up saving you some money on your next bill.   

Three types of zone control systems

  • Mini Split/Ductless: This option is the most common because it can be added to your house without influencing your current HVAC system. This system has a built-in thermostat that makes setting temperature control effortless.  
  • Conventional with Damper: This zone control system offers two-way control to your HVAC system, and you can manually or electronically control the temperature in their rooms.  
  • Smart Vents: Lastly, the smart vents option is new to the market and is not recommended usually because of the unwanted stress it gives off to the components of your current system.  

Many people feel that reducing energy is essential, especially in this day of age. By installing a zone control system in your home, you have the opportunity to pay less monthly on your bill and conserve energy. Installing one of these three systems in your home seems like a win.

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