10 Common Plumbing Myths

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Everyone has heard of them, but should everyone listen to them? Experimenting with these plumbing myths can ruin your home from the inside out and end up costing you money! Try reconsidering these common plumbing misconceptions before jumping on the bandwagon. 


A slow dripping faucet doesn’t matter

A slow dripping faucet can add to the monthly bill by 10 percent and wastes water. So fix that leaky faucet right away!


Commercial drain cleaners are safe to use on a clog

Most of the commercial drain cleaners contain harsh chemicals that end up corroding your pipes over time. The experienced plumbers at Lowery have the know-how to safely remove a clog. 


Flushable wipes are okay to put down the toilet

Flushing one or two wipes daily is okay, but flushing any more than that does not give them each enough time to disintegrate creating a stubborn clog.


Bleach toilet tablets will keep my toilet fresh

These tablets release bleach into your toilet bowl each time you flush slowly deteriorating the inside on the bowl and creating more problems later.


Putting hot grease down the sink is okay since it’s a liquid

Once grease has cooled down, it hardens and can lead to major clogs in your pipes. It is recommended once the grease has cooled, to wipe and throw it in the trash.  


Use a plunger to clear a sink clog

Plunging a sink after pouring chemical drain cleaner down it can cause the chemicals to come back up, splash and possibly burn your skin. 


There is no need for a plumber if the water drains from the sink

If your sink is draining slowly, there is probably a clog somewhere in the pipes that needs to be fixed before it becomes an even bigger problem. 


A water heater that is rumbling and making noises is going to explode

Typically, these sounds are air bubbles rising from the sediment that has built and blocked the burner in the water heater tank. Address this issue soon, or you are likely to have premature water heater failure. 


Most plumbing tasks are easy and can be DIY-ed 

Always consult with an experienced and qualified plumber before you try doing any repairs yourself. This will help in saving both time and money in the longevity of your home. 

Lowery Plumbing, Heating & Air are experts in residential and commercial plumbing and can help you with any plumbing issues causing you stress. Call (806)741-0519 today!

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