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American Standard vs. Nest: Which Thermostat Is Right For You?

By October 5, 2019March 11th, 2020No Comments

When purchasing a smart thermostat for your home, there are many important things to consider. While Nests are popular among the public and portray a sleek, modern, and easy-to-use front, that is not always the case. These simplified thermostats often fail in the crucial area of actual performance. Keep reading to see the different considerations when deciding which thermostat is right for you! 

Areas that Nest Thermostats Fall Short

The most significant difference between these two competitors is that Nest is made by a tech company, not an HVAC company. In the quickly evolving technological world, Silicon Valley managed to make a modern product that generates sales and buzz among the public. However, simple doesn’t always mean reliable. At Lowery, we are much more excited about a thermostat that is modern AND dependable, as American Standard products consistently provide comfort for your family. 

Nest thermostats don’t require advanced wiring for installation, making them much more fragile and often result in failure. The lack of necessary wiring hinders the thermostat’s ability to communicate with the HVAC unit, limiting the capabilities of the unit as a whole. While a simple installation might seem convenient at first, this basic technology is not able to manage modern multi-stage and variable speed systems available for thermostats today. Thus, cutting yourself and your home short of the maximum benefits of a smart thermostat. 

Nest has simplified the multiple controls of a thermostat by only having an “on” or “off” setting. However, this restricts the HVAC unit from being able to kick into higher or lower gears when necessary. 

Nest also indicates that the device can track your family’s activity and set patterns accordingly. However, this simply means that motion sensors are used in the “busiest room in the house” to detect movement. While theoretically, this is a good idea; in reality, this feature can prove to be faulty. If someone pops in the room for only a moment, it can take that into account and switch into an active mode when not needed. Quickly this can turn from a “smart” thermostat to a device with a mind of its own. 

Benefits of Installing an American Standard Thermostat

At Lowery, we consider American Standard Thermostats much more efficient with significantly better options. With full home automation, smartphone compatibility features, and full-color displays, American Standard stops at nothing for your comfort and convenience.

Take full advantage of everything a truly  “smart” thermostat has to offer! Through a professional installation with additional wiring, you can access the amazing benefits of a modern thermostat, including multi-speed options during extreme high and low temperatures. Additionally, these thermostats have an incredible range of customizable background settings to ensure that your home stays exactly how you want it. Don’t worry about setting everything up; we’ll take care of all the customizable settings and features during our professional installation. As always, Lowery is fully committed to giving our customers the best products and services for year-round comfort, and that’s why we are proud distributors of American Standard! 

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