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Why Replace Your A/C Unit in August

By August 7, 2019March 13th, 2020No Comments

Is your air conditioning unit over 10 years old? Are you constantly having to pay for costly A/C unit repairs and expensive energy bills? If so, it’s time to consider making a switch to a newer, more energy efficient A/C unit like those that American Standard offers. Now is a great time to replace your unit and get your home’s air conditioning system under control. Here are four reasons to replace your air conditioning unit with Lowery this month.


Age of Unit

The general rule of thumb is that once your A/C unit gets to be about 10 years old, it’s time to replace it. If your unit is old or slowing down, it’s best to get ahead of the situation and replace the unit instead of waiting for it to break down. Stay in control of the cool air in your home and replace your A/C unit with Lowery!


Frequent Breakdowns and Costly Repairs

If your air conditioning unit is constantly breaking down and needing costly repairs, it’s beneficial to replace your unit with a new one that is guaranteed to work. These expensive repairs can add up, making it worth your money to invest in a new air conditioning unit instead.


Efficiency of Unit

Older and low-quality units are not often very energy-efficient. This can run up your electricity bill and gradually become a serious cost concern. It’s worth it to invest in an energy-efficient unit like those that American Standard offers, because you will start seeing improvements in energy usage, resulting in more attractive energy bills.


Lowery’s Summer Promo

There’s not a better time than now to replace your air conditioning unit with Lowery — there’s currently a promotion for American Standard air conditioning units. During this special, customers can get special financing on an American Standard unit for up to 48 months* OR instant rebates up to $1000. This promo ends September 15th, so don’t wait — schedule a replacement with Lowery today!

*With approved credit. Ask for details. See Lowery, your independent American Standard Dealer, for details.

**Call 888-534-6894 for financing program details about credit costs and terms. Regular APR is 28.99% for newly opened accounts. APR may vary. Subject to credit approval. Offer expires 9/15/2019.

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