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How To Keep Warm If The Power Goes Out

By December 14, 2017No Comments

How To Keep Warm If The Power Goes Out

Everyone knows it’s a good idea to prepare for a blizzard, but how many of us would actually be ready if a storm hit tonight? Follow these tips for storm safety survival and learn how to keep warm if the power goes out in your home.

  1. Close the doors and block drafts.

    One sharp gust of cold wind into an open door can drop the temperature of a room down as far as 10 degrees. During an emergency heating situation, there’s no easy way to get that heat back into your home. When stepping outside, go through a back porch or garage, utilizing a back room as an airlock to prevent the colder air from cooling the rest of the home.

  2. Insulate the windows.

    Insulating the windows reduces the amount of heat escaping to the cold outside environment. Insulate your windows to conserve as much heat as possible.

  3. Conserve heat by living in one room.

    If the power will be out for a multitude of days, you should consider having your family live and sleep in a single room within the home. For this warmer room, hang blankets over the door and insulate the windows with blankets if possible. Heat can also be lost through the floor, so insulate your flooring as well by putting down rugs, blankets and pillows

  4. Keep warm while you sleep.

    Surprisingly, most heat loss occurs through the head, so you must take some steps to ensure that you are kept warm during the night. Insulate yourself by wearing a light hat or comfortable headcover while you sleep, and always wear thick socks or slippers. Sleeping in a group conserves body heat, and might be necessary if you’re power won’t return for an extended period of time.


We hope these tips will keep you and your family safe and warm throughout the winter months. For expert assistance in heating and air in the South Plains, call Lowery Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning for high-quality, dependable and affordable home solutions. Contact us at (806) 741-0519 or visit for more information.

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