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Plumbing Checklist for Students Before Returning to College

By August 16, 2021April 1st, 2023No Comments
Plumbing Checklist college, Plumbing Checklist for Students Before Returning to College

Returning to college from summer break can be busy, and the last thing you want on top of starting classes are unexpected plumbing issues. Luckily, some problems are visible without any plumbing knowledge if you know what to look for. Here is a checklist to ensure that your home is move-in ready: 



Flush every toilet in the house. Watch to make sure it is draining properly and that there is no visible leakage. Additionally, by removing the top of the cistern, you can check to make sure the inner workings appear in good condition. 


Hot Water System

Locate the hot water system in the home and look it over for signs of corrosion. Deterioration can give you a good idea of how old your water heater is or if it is possibly time for a new one. After checking the system, run hot water in the sink or shower to ensure that it is on and working. If your hot water system looks outdated, ask your landlord when the system was last serviced. 



Run all showers in the home to ensure that they have adequate water pressure. If the pressure seems low, this can be a good indicator that a larger unseen issue is at hand, such as a leak or clog. While the showers are on, make sure that all the water drains easily and that there is no water leaking from the fixtures. 


Under the House

Although climbing under your home is not a pleasant job, it is one of the most important places to check for plumbing issues. As the majority of houses have underground plumbing, there can be signs of leaks or water damage that can go unseen from inside the home. If you do not feel comfortable or qualified to do this, call your landlord or a plumbing professional to ensure that your underground plumbing system is in good shape. 


Pipe Size

Check that your water pipes are the correct size. Pipes that are too small result in low water pressure and can increase the risk of potential damage. Ideally, it is recommended that your pipes be ¾” from the water source to the home, and 1⁄2” or larger from sinks and taps. Again, a trained plumbing professional will be able to quickly analyze if your pipes are correctly installed and in good condition. 


Drains and Sinks

Check for noticeable signs of drain problems. If the water in your sink is overflowing, surcharging, gurgling, or producing an odor, this is a good indicator that a potential blockage or problem with the drain pipes is occurring. Calling a trained plumbing technician to come and resolve the issue will then be the safest and most efficient way to get your home ready to move in.


If you find any problems with your plumbing system after completing this checklist, contact us today to ensure that your home is ready for move-in day! 


Plumbing Checklist college, Plumbing Checklist for Students Before Returning to College

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