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American Standard Virtual Room

By January 25, 2017April 1st, 2023No Comments

American Standard Virtual Room

Long gone are the days of having to go into stores and figure out what you wanted or needed when you were developing a project. As virtual technology becomes more viable, project planning becomes easier than ever. To keep up with today’s busy developer, American Standard has built a virtual room designer on their website that is meant to make your life simple so that you don’t have to waste unnecessary time.


This virtual room has been designed specifically for trade professionals in mind. Not only does it combine product research and coordination, but it also confirms code compliances and budget pricing at the same time. The virtual room designer makes sure your project is in compliance, but also within budget and coordinated properly. That isn’t even the best part. The room also creates a schedule, generates cut sheets, prepares owner presentations, and prepares construction documents, all for free. The virtual designer room isn’t about charging developers to make a profit. It’s about streamlining their workload to make their day easier and more organized. American Standard knows how valuable a developer’s time is, and we want to keep you moving forward. It only takes three steps to build a room.


The first thing you do is choose your room. You can select from a huge variety of different room layouts, such as commercial bathrooms, patient washrooms, custodial rooms, staff kitchens, master suite bathrooms, and much more options that include every type of room you could ever need.


After you select a room, a building class and type option pop up. For our custodial closet, we are going to say it is a commercial building for a bar and restaurant. After hitting okay, the virtual room builder opens up with a preset template of products that meet the building codes. When you’re ready to start changing things simply select the white circles and available options will pop up for you to select and see how it looks.


When you are satisfied with the project room you have customized, you can save the project and then download all the drawings, images, design details, pricing, and 2D/3D BIM families in many formats.


Start your room design today, absolutely free, and show us on Facebook the room you designed!

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